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Collapsible Liquid Bulk Containers

Insulated Liquid Bulk Containers

Collapsible Liquid Bulk Bins, Collapsible IBCs
Collapsible Liquid Bulk Bins, Collapsible IBCs
Insulated Liquid Bulk Containers

Boasting the highest weight capacity of all plastic collapsible liquid containers at 3,307lbs, the our "CLS-R" series collapasible liquid shippers can stack up to 5 containers high when filled with product. When collapsed the lockable lids stack directly on top of each container. These collapsible liquid bins were specifically designed to endure handling abuse that would prove fatal to other liquid bulk containers currently on the market. The use of a liner ensures that your product is protected from contamination and makes clean up and sanitation a snap! The "CLS-R" collapsible liquid bulk bin is molded from food grade PP.

    The RTP "CLS-L" series collapasible liquid shippers set the standard for secure storage and transport of bulk liquid and semi-solid materials. This collapsible liquid bulk container is constructed out of FDA-Approved structural foam plastic and designed handle 302 gallons of liquid material up to 3,000 lbs. This collapsible liquid IBC is superior to wood packaging when it comes to contamination resistance and is also more durable than wood when exposed to the effects of the sun, rain, snow and wind. The interlocking lid and base design allows the "CLS-L" to stack securly up to 5 containers high.     Our "ILS" insulated liquid bulk containers are double-wall constructed and filled with 2" thick polyurethane foam. The polyurethane foam provides substantial insulation which makes it the perfect choice for storing or shipping temperature sensitive liquids. Our insulated liquid bulk bins hold the same capacity as 4 - 55-gallon drums and are much more durable and sanitary than cardboard liquid shippers. These insulated liquid bulk boxes can stack 2 high in a trailer and are 4-way forkliftable/pallet jackable. Save several hundred dollars over expensive steel insulated liquid containers!!    


Web Special $531.00*
1 to 10pcs - $Call
11 to 30pcs - $Call
*31 to 167pcs - $Call
168pcs + - $531.00
2" Discharge Valve - $69.75@
2" Cutter Adapter - $9.50@
Liners - $24.95@
Fill Bridge - $250.00@
Web Special $Call
This pricing is for refurbished bins that were used in the produce industry and are clean and ready to ship.
Liners - $Call
Fill Bridge - $234.55@



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